Female Acropora Colonies at Unique Corals


Unique Corals Female Acropora

Here’s a story that might not sit well with the ladies, but it’s meant to be in good fun, so don’t kill us just yet. Over on Reef2Reef, user “kandymann” pointed out something very intriguing on one of the sponsor’s forum page. He posted thread claiming that Unique Corals was selling female Acropra colonies, and backed up his claim with a screen shot of a large WYSIWYG Acro colony that had the phrase¬†“will benefit from occasional feelings” tucked into the HUSBANDRY NOTES section of the listing. So, there you have it.¬†Apparently, Unique Corals is selling female Acropora colonies and the best way to take care of them is to treat them like princesses, ask them about their day, tell them how pretty they are, and maybe even cook them dinner.

All joking aside, Acro corals do require some very specific conditions, and like the special ladies in our lives, they will make you pay if you don’t meet those minimum requirements.


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