Bigger, Better AquaSaw on the Way from Gryphon


Gryphon C-40 CR Custom AquaSaw

If you’re a hardcore coral fragger with a penchant for power tools, then this product is for you. Aquarium Specialty recently announced the release of the brand new 42″ C-40 CR Custom AquaSaw by Gryphon, a larger version of their popular C-40 CR table bandsaw that makes short work of corals with thick skeletons. The new version sports all of the same corrosion resistant parts that have made the AquaSaw indispensable among coral fragging hobbyists, but ups the overall blade length to 42″, compared to just 37″ from the original AquaSaw. Of course, the longer blade means that the C-40 CR Custom AquaSaw stands a little taller. In fact, it has 5.5″ of clearance, a full two inches more than its predecessor. This is crucial for all of those big coral colonies, or just those hobbyists who need a little more wiggle room.

The larger AquaSaw has a retail price of $439, which translates to about a $40 increase from the smaller model. Both the 37″ and 42″ models are currently available to purchase on Aquarium Specialty’s website, if you’re interested.

Here’s the feature list for the 42″ C-40 CR Custom AquaSaw:

  • Simple construction with few moving parts
  • New High Speed Motor for fastest cutting available
  • Direct drive – no belts or pulleys
  • Powerful anodized motor located on top, away from the water
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Diamond Coated blade
  • Huge water reservoir under the work surface
  • One square foot of unobstructed work surface
  • Under table blade guide and new blade guide above table.
  • Stainless Collars for wheels
  • Stainless Shaft and Lower Block iodized
  • Stainless Blade standard (optional Diamond Blade)
  • Motor: 1/3 hp Direct Drive DC
  • Maximum Clearance: 2.5″ (3.75″ with Upper Guide Removed)
  • Blade Speed: 40 mph
  • Platform Area: One Square Foot
  • Weight: 18.0 lbs
  • Coolant System: Recirculating tap water
  • Coolant Reservoir: 10 inches by 9 inches
  • Tension Adjustment: Single Knob – Semi-automatic
  • Blade Dimensions: 42″ circumference, .020″ wide, .140″ deep
  • Warranty on saw : 1 year

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