Joe’s Apocalypse Paly is a Showstopper


Joe's Apocalypse Paly

We’ll admit it, we’re just crazy about zoanthid and palythoas¬†and when that special polyp comes around, we can’t hardly control ourselves. The last drool-inducing coral to hit our computer screens in this awesome Joe’s Apocalypse Paly from Joe Knows Reefs. Posted over on Reef2Reef, the polyps of this stunner resemble the classic Armour of God/Devil’s Armor polyps, but the striped tentacles on the Apocalypse make it look so much cooler.

The tentacles on the AOG and Devil’s Armor polyps are typically a single color (usually grayish), but those of the Apocalypse have alternating blackish green and orangish red striping. To add to the look, the stripes aren’t always uniform, as some are well defined and spaced far apart while others are splotchy in appearance. It truly is an amazing coral.

According to the forum posting, only two frags will be available, with a price of $200 each.


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