Picture of the Week, Mini Australian Scolymia


Mini Scolymia Coral

Gracing the AquaNerd POTW in this installment is an interesting little coral from western Australia, and one that we picked up from Gonzo Corals at the Reef Currents single-day event in Houston. It’s a mini scolymia, also called a button scoly, and it’s a cute little coral that shares a lot of the same features of its larger brethren. For starters, this coral has a huge appetite and gobbles down Coral Frenzy pellets like they’re candy. It opens up widely with big, fleshy tentacles and accepts food readily.

This coral hasn’t been widely available in the hobby, though they do show up from time to time. Gonzo Corals got in a batch a few years ago, but from what we were told, they haven’t really been around much lately.


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