Tip of the Day – 2/11/2014


Unless you’ve got a auto top-off or well-equipped aquarium controller, then chances are you have flooded a sump or overfilled a bucket when preparing to replace evaporated aquarium water. It is very easy to turn on a reverse osmosis unit and simply walk away. Usually, they are silent and fill at such a slow rate that they can be easily overlooked. If you are that forgetful, then we suggest using your phone (or some other device) to remind you to check the water. Most, if not all, phones these days have built-in timers and reminders that will alarm whenever your custom task has run its course. You could even use kitchen timers, like the one found on your microwave, or just put some other reminder in a highly visible area. Regardless of the method, you need a reminder that triggers you to remember that a bucket is being filled with water and if it goes ignored, it will flood whatever the container.


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  • Mayja

    I am that forgetful person. My solution? When I’m filling a 5 gallon bucket of RO/DI, I place the entire bucket inside my laundry sink. If I forget about it, the water will simply spill over into the sink.

  • Randy

    I use a hose timer from home depot. It turns itself off so I dont even have to be home.