Tip of the Day – 2/3/2014


Too many times, we see aquarists mixing species that just don’t belong together. Sure, there are always those that toss a lionfish or grouper into a community setting and are surprised by the sudden lack of a community, but we’re talking about less obvious situations than that. More often than not, we see hobbyists put seahorses into a full-blown reef environment, which is not ideal for them. Instead, they need a tank pretty much all to themselves due to their timid nature and specific feeding habits. This strategy should also be applied to all manner of timid fish as well. If you put shy or easily spooked fish in with more aggressive eaters, the more timid fish will likely not get enough to eat and may never come out of the rocks, ever. So, don’t just toss a bunch of fish into a tank because a list somewhere says they’re compatible. Try matching feeding habits and mannerisms for good results.


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