Tip of the Day – 2/5/2014


Writing reviews of vendors and equipment are so commonplace on the net these days, and they’re quite prevalent in the aquarium keeping community as well. Most aquarium forums have sections dedicated strictly to reviews, and hobbyists crave the information so that they can purchase from the right place. But recent legal rulings might be quite troublesome for the review process. It has been ruled that certain reviews can be deemed defamatory, allowing the store to take legal action against negative reviews that are posted online. We have praised the customer review aspect of aquarium keeping, but we just wanted to let everyone know that they should be careful when posting their opinions online. If you must write a review, just make sure it is honest and whatever claims you make are verifiable.


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  • Ted_C

    Rather than ensuring customer satisfaction – a vendor is going to go and sue someone who probably doesn’t have the resources or knowledge to fight the charges?

    These vendors who are so litigious are probably the first ones to release a new product based on some Anecdotal evidence of success in someone’s tank. Nevermind the other million factors in the succesful tank that actually matter. The aquarist applies this new product in an incorrect manner (since the product doesn’t really have directions), nukes the tank and writes a bad review of the product. Entierly hustified in my opinion.
    Sounds to me like the aquarium industry wants to copy the RIAA method of doing business.
    I posted a bad review once. I ordered loc-line from a company on amazon. They charged shipping fees (~$40)that were more than the cost of the parts. They sent them via standard U.S. Mail in a padded envelope that couldn’t have cost more than $.50 cents. After posting my thoughts on this, they encourged me to remove my review in return for a refund of the exhorbitant shipping charges.
    I would encourage everyone reading this to continue to kick these bad vendors in their butts with negatvie reviews – as long as you provide good reason while doing so. If your reasonable – a good vendor will do everything they can to make sure your satisfied. a bed vendor will sue in which case your bad review is certianly justified.