Alpha Aquaculture Debuts Swiss Ocellaris Clownfish


Alpha Aquaculture Swiss Ocellaris

In the world of captive bred clownfish, there is little more that anyone can do to shake up the patterns of the industry staples, Amphiprion ocellaris and A. percale. But that hasn’t stopped companies like Alpha Aquaculture from trying their best to continue to push those limits, with the latest culmination of their efforts resulting in their new Swiss Ocellaris clown.

These gorgeous variants sports a coloration that is similar to the black snowflake and dalmatian clowns, but they up the ante with even crazier patterns. Their bodies are predominately white, with numerous black dots falling randomly across the body. In the individual pictured in this article, the mouth and pectoral fins have retained some of the standard clownfish orange, though we don’t know the age of the fish or whether or not these will completely go away. Our hunch is that they will eventually turn totally black as the fish gets older, which is common for the black clownfish varieties. Either way, these are pretty nifty clownfish that will likely draw the love and ire of hobbyists from all walks of the industry.

For more information on these clowns, be sure to visit the Alpha Aquaculture Reef2Reef forum page.

Alpha Aquaculture Swiss Ocellaris Clown


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