Blau Aquaristic Unveils Pair of New Dosing Pump Setups


Blau Aquaristic Aquarium Doser 1

Dosing pumps are regaining their popularity in the aquarium trade it seems (perhaps they never lost it), and more and more equipment companies are coming out with their own versions of the reliable dosing technology. The latest to toss their hat in the ring is Blau Aquaristic, who recently unveiled their new Aquarium Doser I and Extended Doser II systems. Like virtually every other dosing pump out there, the two models are offered in a master and slave configuration, with the master doser getting three pumps and an on-board controller while the slave ditches the controller and uses the space for an additional pump.

According to the minuscule amount of information that Blau Aquaristic has listed, the dosing pumps can dose from 1 to 99 ml at a time, with a range of 1 to 99 hours between doses. The master unit will hit the European market first at an expected retail of 265 Euros, though no price was listed for the slave unit.

Blau Aquaristic Extended Doser II


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