The Coral Restoration Foundation Nets Two Huge Donations for Coral Conservation [Video]


March has been a huge month for the Coral Restoration Foundation. Besides netting a corporate sponsorship from Fluval, they’ve also been handed two big donations totaling more than $54,000 at this year’s Global Pet Expo. According to two new Fincaster videos, both Drs. Foster and Smith and the World Pet Association donated $29,000 and $25,000 respectively, which will help fund the amazing efforts of CRF to plant corals back onto the reefs of the Florida Keys.

The Foster and Smith donation is one that is purely customer driven, and it really warms our hearts to see such overwhelming support from the hobbyists. According to a Foster and Smith rep, the retailer offered up special products to their customer base that had gift certificates attached to them. The customer had the choice to redeem the certificate for a future purchase or donate the amount to the Coral Restoration Foundation. And the results obviously show what the hobby supported…to the tune of $28,715.


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