Hypnotic Dance of the Sexy Shrimp [Video]


Sexy shrimp are some of the most alluring invertebrates of the marine aquarium hobby. Despite their minuscule size, they move in such a way that almost hypnotizes aquarists, so much so that hobbyists dedicate whole tanks to just these shrimp alone. These tiny crustaceans live in an around anemones, for the most part, often swaying their abdomens to mimic the movement of their hosts.

As for the other two subjects of the video, the pom pom crab and a random nudibranch. We’ll ignore the nudibranch for the time being, as they don’t really belong in the marine aquarium hobby as they rarely do well and are often doomed from the time of collection. Going back to the pom pom crab…this is another interesting little invert whose unusual behavior makes hobbyists shutter with excitement. These crabs usually hold an anemone in each of their pincers, though the crab in this clip doesn’t have any. They use the anemones for defense, holding them as if they were cheerleaders waving around a pair of pom poms.


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