Picture of the Week, Orange and Yellow Plate Coral


Orange and Yellow Plate Coral

Who doesn’t love plate corals? They can be incredibly colorful, they offer up a different growth form, and they get all crazy looking when they are gobbling up food. For those reasons, and many others, we can’t get enough plate action, whether it be from the old school Fungia plates or the smaller and more colorful Cycloseris (both technically Fungiids). Heck, we even find ourselves being intrigued by the old heliofungia and tongue corals, though those are far less common these days.

What makes this group of corals even more appealing is the fact that they are so easy to photograph. We spot hundreds of them all over the aquarium trade show arena, and while they aren’t all at the same caliber in terms of color intensity, they are all equally as interesting in their own ways and they all look great when viewed from the top in the shallow frag tanks. Cut out surface turbulence and hit them with a little blue and those plates will stand out sharply against every other coral in the tank.


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