Sailfin Blennies on the Way from Baja Reef?


Sailfin Blenny

Blennies are arguably the most interesting and entertaining fish in the marine aquarium hobby. They usually have so much personality and such a good demeanor that aquarists seek them out in all shapes and sizes, and it would appear that the hobby will have another awesome species to fall in love with. According to Steve Robinson of Baja Reef, the fish store/fish collector is are on the verge of being able to bring the flamboyantly colored sailfin blenny (Emblemaria hypacanthus) back into the trade. A fish that hasn’t been seen for almost a decade, the permits to collect the species in Mexico are about a month away from finalization and these amazing fish will start trickling in.

The asking price for these bad boys? One might assume a ballpark of $100 easily based on the color along. Factor in the fact that the fish hasn’t been around for many years and you might just guess that number to be 50-100% higher. Fortunately, that won’t be the case. We won’t disclose the price, as it hasn’t been finalized and may change, but all we can say is that they will be surprisingly inexpensive. After all the dust settles, we’re thinking the fish won’t retail for more than what any other run-of-the-mill blenny goes for.

Either way, we are excited to see this fish make a comeback in the hobby.


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