The Amazing Spiderman Chalice Couldn’t Have a More Fitting Name


Amazing Spiderman Chalice

You don’t have to be a fan of comic books to have an appreciation for this amazing chalice. Named after the famous web-slinger, the “Amazing Spidermand Chalice” from online vendor The Coral Kings sports the iconic blue and red coloration that made the original Spider-man such a recognizable charcter of the Marvel Universe, and apparently it is just as resilient as the superhero. Besides the stunning colors, the coral has an intriguing, though not all too uncommon, history. According to the post that TCK made on their Reef2Reef forum, the coral was thought to be lost after it came in looking so bad. But after 6 months of TLC, the coral bounced back and regained the Spiderman-like coloration. Speaking of color, the base of the coral is a rich red, with the corallites sporting blue stripes that radiate outward unevenly. It bares more of a resemblance to the old school Spiderman than the darker modern day version, but the description is entirely fitting in our opinions.

A pair of frags are currently being offered by The Coral Kings if anyone is interested. They are being sold on the Reef2Reef forum that we linked to above.


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  • that_Reef_Guy

    I’m Confused?

    Yesterday you said that expensive Corals were ruining the Hobby then today you showcase one of these Expensive Corals.

    You do not make any sense.

    • So, the point of the article yesterday was not to chastise the hobby, but to merely point out that there is a vicious cycle of price inflation that didn’t start with greedy wholesalers or collectors. Instead, it’s the hobbyist and retailers who are inflating prices because of the perceived rarity of certain corals, which in turn fuels newly informed collectors to want a bigger slice of the pie. Perhaps saying that these price increases are ruining the hobby was a bit over dramatic, but the fact remains that collectors are increasing their prices because retailers have done the same. They are responding to the demand and the prices are impacted at all levels, making it more expensive for everyday hobbyists to buy corals. Yes, there are still plenty of cheap corals out there, but even the prices of common corals get a little upward bump because of the hype of named corals. Everybody wants to put a name on even the most common pieces these days.

      • that_Reef_Guy

        Supply and Demand

        That is true for everything in Life not Just Corals.

        When they first come out there are not many and everyone wants them so the price is high.

        Over time as more people get them and more frags are available price drops making them more affordable to more people.

        I mean do you think that people are just going to sell say the new Spiderman Chalice in this article just to be nice and benefit the Hobby?

        Of course not.

        Anything in life is like this it is not just the Coral trade.

        People need to earn a living you know.

        Corals are collected they are not for Charity.

        As with anything collectible rare and wanted is going to have a high price tag.

        All I am saying here is what you stated in the last article is your opinion and you do not like high prices on Corals. I can see your Point of View and understand completely.

        But then the next day you Glorify a Chalice that costs thousands of dollars.

        I mean if you want to stick to the lets keep Corals cheap and affordable to everyone crusade why didn’t you make an article about 5.00 Xenia that you saw at your LFS and glorify how that is good for the Hobby.

        I am just saying that the two articles seem very hypocritical is all

    • C_3PO

      Didn’t you claim that high prices keep you from buying every variety out there, which helps maintain your interest as new varieties available?

      Pot, meet kettle.