The Amazing Spiderman Chalice Couldn’t Have a More Fitting Name


Amazing Spiderman Chalice

You don’t have to be a fan of comic books to have an appreciation for this amazing chalice. Named after the famous web-slinger, the “Amazing Spidermand Chalice” from online vendor The Coral Kings sports the iconic blue and red coloration that made the original Spider-man such a recognizable charcter of the Marvel Universe, and apparently it is just as resilient as the superhero. Besides the stunning colors, the coral has an intriguing, though not all too uncommon, history. According to the post that TCK made on their Reef2Reef forum, the coral was thought to be lost after it came in looking so bad. But after 6 months of TLC, the coral bounced back and regained the Spiderman-like coloration. Speaking of color, the base of the coral is a rich red, with the corallites sporting blue stripes that radiate outward unevenly. It bares more of a resemblance to the old school Spiderman than the darker modern day version, but the description is entirely fitting in our opinions.

A pair of frags are currently being offered by The Coral Kings if anyone is interested. They are being sold on the Reef2Reef forum that we linked to above.


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