Tip of the Day – 3/11/2014


It might be hard to look at your reef tank, see the hair algae or cyanobacteria, and think to yourself that you are a successful aquarist. After all, these nuisance organism are only supposed to thrive in abused and neglected aquariums, right? Well, that isn’t exactly the case. If you are doubting your skills, just peer up at the corals instead of focusing down in the sand. If those bad boys are colorful, extending their polyps, and growing, then you are doing something right. And in all honestly, even the most well maintained and manicured aquariums experience outbreaks of hair algae, cyanobacteria, or other annoying “newbie” related issues. It doesn’t mean you are bad hobbyist. It doesn’t mean you suck as an aquarist. It just means that you are going through a trouble spot in the ongoing cycle that is marine aquarium.


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