Tip of the Day – 3/20/2014


Aquariums provide a unique environment in your home, and not just for their inhabitants. They can affect the environment of the people and pets in the home as well. The biggest change for people is the huge amount of humidity that aquariums can add to the inside of a home. If the tank sits in a closed room or an area of the house that doesn’t get a lot of good air circulation, the humidity can build up and things in the immediate are can rust. Door stops, door hinges, and anything in the room that is metal will get a nice dosing of oxidation, causing them rust…which not only looks ugly but can also hinder their functionality. The excess moisture can also get into the carpet, but this usually occurs as spills. In this situation, a little water gets under the stand and the carpet, or any other surface, will collect mold.

Long story short, aquariums can be great to look at, but they can have some negative impacts on your home. Use whatever means necessary to control excess moisture, such as using a dehumidifier and taking extra precautions to not spill water on the floor.


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