Tip of the Day – 3/26/2014


If you’ve got large, herbivorous fish in your aquarium, then chances are you’ve experimented with all sorts of foods like sheets of red and green algae, algae based flakes, and possibly even gel based offerings. Some hobbyists even try to feed their tangs macroalgae from their refugia. As with any feeding strategy, there are always mixed results. For the best way to deliver food to your grazers, feed it to them in a way that encourages natural behaviors. One of our favorite methods is to attach a piece of algae to a small piece of rock, then drop it onto the existing rock structure and let the fish discover it on its own. Algae clips work well too, but sometimes the plastic and glass combo scares fish off, leaving a fully intact sheet of algae behind to decay. The only thing we really discourage is the use of human foods, such as cabbage, lettuce, etc. While your fish may eat these, they just don’t pack all of the nutrients your tangs need for long term health.


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