Tip of the Day – 3/3/2014


Feeding your corals is an incredibly important task that is super easy to accomplish, yet so few hobbyists take the time to do it. Most reef tanks can get by with adequate lighting and the food that is normally given to the resident fish population, especially if those fish are heavy poopers like tangs. But the corals themselves will need to be fed, especially if they don’t rely much on photosynthesis or you just want them to maintain good growth and color. Corals like the typical SPS capture planktonic foods from the water column, while those of the LPS variety usually take larger, meatier items. In either case, target feeding is easy, as all you need is a turkey baster and the food. Alternatively, you can feed the corals by hand, with a pair of tweezers or tongs, or really any other method of broadcast or target feeding.


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