Trio of Gorgeous Aberrant Coral Beauty Angels Surface at Sustainable Reef Suppliers


Aberrant Coral Beauty Angelfish

Who doesn’t like a good aberrant fish? How about three? Well, if you’re a fan of fish deviating drastically from the norm, then you’re luck. Sustainable Reef Suppliers shared a few of their latest acquisitions, three very unique coral beauty angelfish. Each fish is incredibly colored, to say the least, with the individual above sporting a nearly completely orange body that looks more like a flame angel than a coral beauty. The other two, pictured below,¬†fall under what is traditionally called a “marbled” look. They sport a hefty amount of orange, but their patterns are splotchy and almost koi-like in appearance.

Marbeled Coral Beauty Angel

Marbeled Coral Beauty Angelfish

Sustainable Reef Suppliers, as a company, is no stranger to rare angelfish. They even get these marbled coral beauties in with some regularity (if you could call it that), and the last time we heard they had one was at the beginning of this year when they showed off a really good looking angel from Vanuatu.


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