Eshopps Adding Some Style to Refugium Lighting


Eshopps Refugium Light

Many marine aquarists illuminate their refugia with the most basic of lighting systems. These usually consist of an aluminum shop light and a compact fluorescent bulb, which isn’t exactly the most visually appealing arrangement. Eshopps is looking to change all that, however, with the upcoming release of their yet to be named LED refugium light. This sleek little fixture sports a razor thin design that sports the signature blue coloration that permeates thought the entire Eshopps lineup. It has a footprint of 5″ x 4″, with a thickness of just 5/16th of an inch. Helping the light to jut out over the water is a mounting bracket that blends right into the fixture and can affix to acrylic or glass of varying thickness thanks to nylon thumbscrews.

Eshopps Refugium LED

Getting back to the fact that the refugium light is without a name, Eshopps is looking for a little help in the creativity department. As part of the announcement, they also revealed that they are inviting folks to help name the light. The name they like most will obviously be given to the light fixture, and the person who comes up with the name will be given a free fixture in return. There are already tons of good names circulating on the Eshopps Facebook page, so you better get your suggestions in quickly if you want a crack at a free LED fixture.

As far as other details of the Eshopps light go, the fixture houses a total of three LEDs that are driven at three watts each and have an output of 6500K. There are few other details surrounding the light, but as they surface we’ll be sure to update.

Eshopps Refugium Lighting

Eshopps LED Fixture


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