Frogfish Shows No Limits to Its Stretchy Stomach [Video]


Have you ever seen fish gorge itself so much that it had trouble swimming away, or rather walking in this instance? Well, that’s exactly the case for this hair frogfish, which ate a flounder that was actually longer than it was. The video, which comes to us all the way from 2009, shows the hunting behavior of the hairy frogfish, which can be seen snapping up all sorts of small fish. As the clip progresses, we find the frogfish coming across what looks to be an impossible meal…a large flounder that is longer and wider than the frogfish itself. But the frogfish interest is piqued when it sees the faint movement of the flounder, and it positions itself toward the front of the unsuspecting fish to launch its assault.

When the frogfish attacks and inhales the first half of the flounder, you think that the feeding attempt will be unsuccessful. After all, the frogfish has half of another huge fish sticking out its mouth. But, the frogfish struggles through the mouthful and eventually swallows the entire flounder. As soon as the flounder is in the belly of the beast, it stops moving entirely, but still manages to create a significantly uncomfortable situation for the frogfish. The frogfish’s stomach protrudes extensively as it seems to painfully crawl away and lay in wait for its next meal.


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