Innovative Marine Adds CustomCaddy Media Basket for the NUVO Fusion Aquariums


Innovative Marine CustomCaddy 40 Fusion

Although the NUVO Fusion aquariums have only just become available, Innovative Marine is already rolling out upgrades over the stock gear. Announced just yesterday via Facebook, the all-in-one aquariums will now benefit from the latest AUQA Gadget, the CustomCaddy Fusion 40. This new drop-in media basket is a significant upgrade over the existing basket that comes stock with the Fusion aquariums, as it features removable shelves, a sliding acrylic door, a conveniently located handle, and laser cut slots that make filtration and swapping out media as simple as possible.

The CustomCaddy Fusion 40 is available for immediate release to the masses and fits both the Fusion 30 and Fusion 40L aquariums.


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