Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Demoed in Sleek New Video


Innovative Marine is making all-in-one nano aquariums sexy again with the release of their new line of NUVO Fusion aquariums. While we have already discussed the features of the Fusion at length before, IM has decided to treat its newest aquariums to a little video exposure, which highlights many of the tanks’ key selling points in a very meaningful and beautiful way.

As demoed in the brief clip, the Fusion aquariums come in two sizes (40L and 30L), with both receiving 8mm low iron glass, a leveling rubber mat, diamond polished edges, black silicone, an aluminum framed mesh screen, and a dual overflow filtration system. The stand for each aquarium sits at 36″ high, is made from high density MDF, and features magnetic cabinet latches, storage shelves, and pre-cut cable ports.

The aquariums are slated for an official release to the public today, and IM is giving away one on their Facebook page.


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