Picture of the Week, Gold Spotted Rabbitfish


Gold Spotted Rabbitfish

Gracing the AquaNerd Picture of the Week following a busy Easter weekend is a fish that couldn’t fit the holiday any better. It’s a gold spotted rabbitfish,¬†Siganus¬†punctuates, and it’s the biggest one we’ve ever laid eyes on. This species is said to have a maximum potential length around 18″ or so, and this individual was every bit of that. It dominated the aquarium, dwarfing everything else in the tank.

As far as behavior goes, rabbitfish in general are fairly docile. They do contain venomous dorsal spines for self defense, but we rarely hear of rabbitfish getting out of hand. It can happen, but it’s not common to their nature. Tying the fish back to its namesake, the rabbitfish is an excellent herbivore, tackling just about every type of algae vigorously.


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