Tip of the Day – 4/23/2014


In this hobby, we’ve got plenty of reef aquarists turned businessmen. Fragging corals is easy, and selling them can beĀ easier. Because of this, even the most irresponsible hobbyists can flip corals to folks unsuspecting of their bad husbandry techniques. That’s why it is so important to dip and quarantine all incoming livestock, even if it is from respectable sources. But there is a responsibility on the seller as well. If you have Acropora Eating Faltworms (AEFW), red plan aria flatworms, red bugs, or any of the other pests that persist in reef tanks, then not only should you avoid selling from your tank, but you should also contact anyone you’ve sold to in the past several months. While tracking down where the pests came from is important, making sure the people you sold to know that they may be infested is even more so.


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