Tip of the Day – 4/24/2014


Life gets busy. There is just no way around it. Kids, work, maintaining your health, and just getting a little R&R when the time comes all get in the way of your hobbies. But your aquarium needs some¬†attention too, and plenty¬†of it. While ignoring it here and there may not have a huge impact, constantly foregoing routine maintenance will start to add up at some point. A little algae or cyano will pop up, then take over bit by bit until all of the sudden you are looking at a once awesome aquarium that is now a disaster zone. So, take time for your aquarium too. You don’t have to dig in your tank every day, but at least get in there a few times a week to keep it tidy and perform water changes routinely. If you have to wait until the kiddos are off to bed or get after it before the break of dawn, then so be it. Bottom line is that no aquarium can thrive without some input from the hobbyist, so do it.


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