Tip of the Day – 4/9/2014


Aquariums are full of all sorts of dangers for the hobbyist, and if you’re not careful in your normal day to day maintenance, you could end up with a nasty scratch or sting that could get seriously infected. As most of us are probably already aware, live rock can be sharp, as can things like tube worm shells. Simply moving your hand around in the water can result in punctures and scrapes that burn even more in the presence of saltwater. In addition to those hard points, our aquriums also have stinging organisms, with anemones and bristleworms being the two big ones that immediately come to mind. Most anemones are harmless, but there are some that have a really potent sting. Bristleworms are relatively harmless, that is until you brush up against one and find out how they got their names. The bristles will stick to your skin and are a total pain to remove.


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