Vandals Strike Coral Reefs in Cebu, Philippines [Video]


Sometimes there is just no explanation for people’s dumb actions. According to a recent story on the Philippine GMA Network, vandals have taken their love for grafiti to a whole new canvas…coral reefs. In Lapu-Lapu City, the Task Force Kalikasan (TFK) has found that divers have chemically etched markings on several large plate corals. The symbols are written in Hangul, a native writing language of Korea, and many of the words are nothign more than names of the various divers. While this may be viewed as kids up to no good, it has far greater implications as the chemical has been found to have “harmful elements that may affect marine life beyond the coral lines”. In lieu of that finding, officials are urging local and foreign divers to refrain from this new trend of chemical coral etching.


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