Anemone Eats Bird in Ultimate Display of Creepiness


Anemone Eating Bird

If you’re looking to see something with a rating of at least a 9.0 on the weird-stuff-o-meter, then check this out. Shared in recent postings on Deep Sea News and, a neon green anemone was photographed eating a baby cormorant. That’s right, an anemone was eating a bird.

The neon green invert had engulfed the baby bird’s entire head, all the way to the shoulders. While the bird is a baby, it still looks like a massive turkey sticking out of a tiny anemone. Obviously, there is no way for the anemon to finish this meal, but it’s still an impressive feat and a really creep sight.

There is no telling if the bird was dead or alive at the time it was captured, but chances are it had drowned prior to its encounter with the hungry anemone and just so happened to get caught in the tentacles as it drifted by.

Anemone Eating Cormorant

And because Photoshop has casted all sorts of doubt on the validity of photos posted to the internet, here’s a video of the bird in the anemone.


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