Continuum Aquatics Launches Halycon Marine Reef Salt


Continuum Aquatics Halycon Marine Reef Salt

Continuum Aquatics is debuting a new salt product this week, called Halcyon Marine Reef Salt, and it looks quite promising. Where many salt mixes are slightly tweaked rebrands of another product, the Halcyon mix prides itself on being manufactured in small batches in Continuum’s very own factory, all of which is done under tight quality control. Continuum uses only reagent grade, pharmaceutical grade, and tested and assayed ingredients in the Halcyon salt mix, keeping all of the necessary components of seawater in the proper ratios.

As for guaranteed results, Continuum claims that the Halcyon Marine Reef Salt will provide a salinity of 35 ppt or a specific gravity of 1.026 g/cm3 (temperature corrected), alkalinity of 2.7 meq/l or 7.5 dKH, pH of 8.3, a calcium level of 415 ppm, and a magnesium level of 1,290 ppm when mixed correctly. These are all ideal parameters for typical reef aquaria.

We don’t currently know the price or size availabilities for the Halcyon, but looking at the other products in the Continuum lineup, we don’t expect the salt mix to break the bank. But, we’ll update as soon as we hear anything.


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