Big Fish Farting in Tiny Aquarium is Every Bit As Funny As it Sounds


To paraphrase the wise words of Bobby Budnick, a character from the long cancelled “Salute Your Shorts” television show that aired on┬áNickelodeon, don’t go into the water because fish fart in it. I knew there was a legitimate reason to commit that saying to memory some fifteen years ago. Anyways, Paul Talbot of Majestic Aquariums TV is helping us to indulge our sophomoric humor with this clip of a very large flowerhorn cichlid breaking a little bit (ok, a lot) of wind in a very small aquarium.

The fish sits still in the aquarium, perhaps trying to not let the gas slip while being filmed, and interrupts the narration with a very large release of bubbles from its nether regions. The fart elicits a bit of a chuckle from the narrator, which we assume to be Paul himself, and it gave us a bit of a laugh as well.

As for the size of the aquarium, fear not for the fish’s well-being. According to the comments in the video, the fish was only in there temporarily.


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