Jebao Announces Wireless Wavemaker Ahead of Interzoo


Jebao RW-15 Wavemaker

Jebao has carved themselves out a nice little niche market in the world of aquarium pumps, and they’re beefing up their capabilities with another new product, a really versatile wireless wavemaker. Announced on the retail site Fish Street just a short time ahead of Interzoo where it will make its worldwide debut, the Jebao Wireless Wave Maker will be available in two different models, the RW-15 and the RW-8. No information was given in the smaller wavemaker pump, so the remainder of this article will focus on the RW-15, though many features will be shared between the two.

The Jebao RW-15 offers a variable flow rate between 1200 and 15000 liters per hour (315-3950gph) which is made available through 8 different presets. The pump can be run standalone or connected to another RW pump in a master/slave configuration, though each pump will still be independently adjustable for speed. In the master/slave configuration, as with most pumps that utilize this type of communication, one pump essentially controls how the other operates. Simply sync them to have the same exact flow patterns, or run them in anti-sync for the exact opposite result. In addition to the controller, the pump also comes with a magnetic mount that is complete with a rubber base that keeps the vibrational noise to a minimum. A night sensor, similar to what Tunze has been using for some time now, detects when tank lights go out changes the flow of the pumps. A push button feed timer also slows the pumps for 10 minutes while the fish are eating, and a ceramic shaft allows for a long life and durability during these periods of slowing down and ramping back up.

As far as preset wave functions go, here is the available modes per the Fish-Stree website:

W1:Wave Mode
Remoting the knob is necessary when operate this mode to adjust the wave patterns among one or more pumps at the same time. As the volum of water in tank is different from the capacity of the tank, wave period needed to be adjusted by switching the knob. The wave is biggest when wave length turn to be same as the length of tank; Increase the wave length by switching the knob in clockwise, and reduce in anti clockwise.

Tips: You should switch the knob gradually and notice the wave pattern in a certain period after each adjustment.Press “SPEED/FEED”to adjust the flow rate.

W2: Sine Mode
One or more pumps can operate at the same time in this mode. The power various between 30%-100% and the regulation looks like a sine curve.

Else: Random Mode
One or more pumps can operate at the same time. It is a random mode as the power of pump is changing to a random data all the time without regulation.

H:Flow Mode
One or more pumps can operate at the same time. In constant flow. Flow rate can be adjusted by “SPEED/FEED”

C: Shift to flow mode
Two pumps are needed to be operated at the same time, when they shift wave and flow in cycles. P1 work, P2 stop;P2 work, P1 stop;P1 work, P2 stop. and cycles like this. Cycle period (1s-1min)can by adjusted by switching the knob and adjust the flow rate by pressing SPEED/FEED

Jebao RW-8 and RW-15

Jebao WP and RW Comparison


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