This New LE Rainbow Shortcake Acropora Looks Amazing


LE Rainbow Shortcake Acropora

It seems like it’s been ages since we wrote about a Limited Edition Reef Farmers coral, but here we are. Steve Tyree’s high end coral outlet has recently listed this amazing LE Rainbow Strawberry Acropora from Coral Revolution, and it is truly a stunner. The corallites of this A. microclados sports a vivid¬†blue tip a pink edge that is adorned with blood red polyps. The remaining tissue of the coral varies from yellow to green, depending on the lighting and other factors.

This strawberry variant has been in captivity since the beginning of this year and has been spread to only a limited number of systems, mainly Steve Tyree’s Reef Farmers raceway tank and his personal reef tank. On the retail scale, this is the first offering of the coral and it was listed for $175 in the “Buy It Now” section, though it wasn’t there at the time this article was published.

While the coral may no longer be available, we still felt it was beautiful enough to warrant a mention here on the AquaNerd Blog. And although¬†we’ve not been big fans of the whole named limited edition coral community, but we couldn’t help ourselves with this one.


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