Picture of the Week, Blue Snowflake Polyps


The fast growing Blue Anthelia Snowflake Coral

Carrying on with the celebration of our 5 year anniversary, we take a look back at our very first Picture of the Week, which featured a colony of blue anthelia (aka snowflake polyps). These gorgeous little polyps were all the rage several years ago, but hobbyists quickly found out just how much of a pain these blue invaders could be. The snowflake polyps spread so rapidly through just about any aquarium in just about any condition. They would grow on other corals, often taking up valuable real estate and crowding out more desirable pieces. To top it off, the corals were so invasive that aquarium keepersĀ could almost never get rid of them.

This blurry photo was taken at the 2009 Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston (MARSHreef) Tank Tour, and when we look at the photos we’ve taken in recent years, it blows my mind just how much better we’ve gotten at aquarium photography. Hopefully those skills will continue to develop and we can continue to deliver better quality in the years to come.


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