The Best Scoly on the Planet?


Sexy Corals Best Scoly on Earth

Saying something is the best or the greatest is always a lofty claim, but this scolymia, with its kaleidoscope of colors, can easily lay claim to the title of “Best Scoly on Earth”…at least until it is dethroned by some other insane piece. A top shelf piece from Sexy Corals that was recently featured on Reef2Reef, this bad boy¬†doesn’t fit nicely into the common scoly nicknames of bleeding apple, warpaint, or master, as it seems to represent some features of all varieties all rolled into one. We lost count of the distinguishable colors at 8, but at this point it doesn’t even matter.

This piece wasn’t presented with any information, such as price or size, as it was apparently reserved for a special Sexy Corals customer. That said, we are certain that the price tag jumped into the four figures since it is just such an amazing and unique piece.


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