The Incredible Diversity of Life in Seawater


Life in Seawater

The ocean is full of life, nobody doubts that. But did you know that the water is also full of tiny microscopic organisms, to the tune of tens of millions of critters floating across the massive nautical highways? A recent Gizmodo story, which was taken from a much older article posted on National Geographic, shows just how full of life even small amounts of ocean water can be. The life this water is composed of animals at various stages in their respective life cycles. While the image doesn’t show all of the different types, seawater can include fish and invertebrate larvae, phytoplankton, fish and coral eggs, diatoms, copepods, marine worms, and so so much more.

While the Gizmodo article incorrectly eludes to the photograph as being one of a single drop of seawater that is full of life, the real story is that scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association took water samples somewhere near Hawaii with a bucket and fine-mesh net that were placed in the water at night. Lights were also placed in the water to act as lures for all of the amazing microfauna to flock to. Still, the diversity is both unusual and mind boggling, and it just gets weirder the deeper you go.

On a funnier note, you might think twice before starting a siphon for your water change by sucking on the hose. A mouthful of these creatures may not be up your alley.


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