Tip of the Day – 5/14/2014


Got an Aiptasia problem that is getting out of hand? If so, you might want to take a varies approach to rid yourself of the pest anemones. Natural solutions don’t always work, nor do artificial ones…because of this a multi-pronged approach may be required for success. Peppermint shrimp and Klein’s butterflyfish can decimate Aiptasia number, but this is only true some of the time. Electrocution, kalk pasting, and lemon juice injecting can also be effective, but again none if these are perfect and all your hard work could quickly be washed away if you miss even one of those resilient little anemones. So, try using multiple methods. Manually attack the ones you can see and get too comfortably, while at the same time letting natural predators do what they do best. You may never rid yourselves of the Aiptasia, but at least keeping the predators in the tank will keep their numbers to a manageable level.


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