Video Shows Vertex Cerebra Playing Angry Birds


This video really plays to our nerdy side. The Vertex Cerebra, an aquarium controller that has been in the works for a few years, is a system based on Google’s Android platform and it’s one that is full of potential. The Android operating system allows for almostĀ an unlimited number of functions and features, including a full blown web browser and, well, pretty much anything you can do from an Android based smartphone. Couple that with a touch screen interface and you’ve got a really powerful system. Heck, with the right apps, you could probably make phone calls with this thing. Whether or not full phone capabilities exist in the Cerebra, we found out first hand that you can play games like Angry Birds on the device.

Buried in the Cerebra’s interface, at least the one we played with, was the most popular mobile game to ever hit the market. The touch screen lets you control the game as if you were playing it on a regular mobile device, and the processing power of the Cerebra keeps it running smoothly. It is quite impressive if you think about it. The controller can maintain all of its routine functions while still letting you blow up little green piggies hidden under various obstacles.

We apologize for the quality of the clip. It was shot with a cell phone, ironically an Apple device, in the portrait orientation.


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