10 Most Expensive Tropical Fish Named


Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei)

The internet has a severe obsession with lists, especially top “insert random number here”¬†lists of whatever obscure parameter could be thought of. While we tend to avoid them like the plague, we do entertain them when it involves aquarium related stuff…like this list of the 10 most expensive tropical fishes.

To no surprise, the list was almost completely comprised of marine fish, 8 out of 10 in fact, with just a couple of insanely¬†expensive freshwater fish taking the top two slots. This list, like most others, isn’t completely accurate but it does include several holy grail level fish that very few of us could ever afford and continue to pay mortgages and car notes, or keep our spouses.

On to the list. The bottom 8 fish on the list of the most expensive tropical fish include:

10. Candy Basslet – $1,000
9. Clarion Angelfish – $2,500
8. Wrought Iron Butterflyfish – $2,700
7. Australian Flathead Perch – $5,000
6. Neptune Grouper – $6,000
5. Golden Basslet – $8,000
4. Bladefin Basslet – $10,000
3. Peppermint Angelfish – $30,000

Missing from the list is the masked angelfish, which has sold for more than $20,000 in the past, as is the tiger angelfish and a whole slew of other rarities that have sold for well more than the first five fish on that list. But, we get the nature of these lists and because they were assembled by some random internet blogger who is probably not very well connected with the aquarium trade, we’ll cut them some slack.

As for the the top two fish, those spots the $100,000 freshwater polka dot stingray and the $400,000 platinum arowana. Insane prices right?

Male Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) - Waikiki Aquarium


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