ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X Fixture


ATI Srius X LED Fixture

ATI Aquaristik is no stranger to aquarium illumination. For many years, their Powermodule T5HO fixtures have topped the wishlists of many a hobbyist. But over the last few years, T5HO lighting has waned in popularity, giving way to LEDs. ATI seemed to have reisted the trend, as they slowly adopted LEDs into their lineup and only initially as supplemental lighting in their Powermodule hybrids. But, the times seem to be a changin’ and it appears that ATI is finally coming fully on board with LED technology as their latest light fixture sports nothing but tiny little emitter goodness.

The ATI Sirius X LED fixtures sport an array of LED clusters, with each pulling about 75watts. The clusters are composed of 13 LEDs each, with the embedded colors being six Cree XPE Blue, two Luxeon M Royal Blue 450nm, two Luxeon M Cool White, two Cree XPE Red 620nm, and one Semileds Violet 420nm. This grouping of LEDs is further broken down into four independently controllable color channels, and to further play to our contol freak needs, the individual clusters themselves are independently programmable from others in the fixture. This combination of LED clusters is said to provide ample lighting for aquarium up to 36″ deep with “proper coral placement”.

In total, four different Sirius X LED models will be available. The smallest sports just two LED clusters, with the remaining increasing in size by two clusters per fixture. So the largest in the group will house 8 LED clusters and will stretch to just over 50″ in overall length. To put it anothe way, the four different sizes are meant to cover 12″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ aquariums or be used in some combination to cover a larger area.

As for pricing, the smallest Sirius X has an MSRP of just over $640 while the largest of the group (the 8 cluster model) will be offered for something north of $2160. The fixtures are currently in stock at distributors and should be finding their way to a retailer near you shortly.


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