MBI Workshop to Raffle off F1 PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish


MBI Workshop Raffle

As the 2014 MBI Workshop draws closer to its July 19th show date, some shockingly awesome news has been revealed regarding┬áthe raffle. According to a recent posting on the Marine Breeding Initiative Facebook page, one of the first generation offspring of the world famous Lightning Maroon Clownfish will be going home with one super lucky attendee. But that’s not all, the raffle will also include a F1 PNG Morse Code Maroon Clownfish, which is paired with the lightning clown, and both fish will be shipped to your door. How awesome is that?

The F1 lightning maroon clownfish is being donated to the MBI Workshop, now in its fifth year, by Matt Pedersen and Blue Zoo Aquatics, while the F1 More Code clownfish is donated by Sea and Reef Aquaculture. Again, this is an amazing prize offering for the MBI Workshop and will easily boost attendance of an already great show. Raffle tickets are only available at the show and you must be present to win.

As for the show itself, it takes place July 19th, 2014 at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


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