Neptune Systems Kicks Off Nationwide Apex Fusion Tour This Weekend


Neptune Systems Apex Fusion Tour

Neptune Systems is kicking off a brand new promotional tour this Saturday, and it’s a bit different than what we’re used to seeing. This grassroots effort doesn’t involve random giveaways on Facebook to generate likes or meaningless sales in which the most amount of product is sold. Instead, this is a multi-state tour that aims to demonstrate all of the capabilities of the Apex Fusion system in a very one-on-one type interface with the end user. At each stop along the tour, a huge RV plastered with Neptune Systems’ branding will host a demo party that will include food, prizes, deals on equipment from the LFS, and lots of Q&A and hands on.

The tour will commence this Saturday, June 21st at Reef Raft NorCal in Fremont, California. The tour will last a total of five weeks and will have scheduled stops in ten different states.

Apex Fusion Tour Schedule

As part of their documentation of the trip, Neptune Systems will post up to the minute pictures and updated schedules on the official Apex Fusion Tour Blog.

Neptune Systems Apex Fusion Tour Bus

Apex Fusion Tour Bus


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