Sicce Announces Remote Controlled Xstream-e Series Pumps


Sicce Xstream-e Water Pump

Interzoo seemed to be a launching pad for many new and somewhat unusual water pumps this year, with Sicce also getting in on the action. They didn’t do anything unusual in terms of some radical design, but instead have incorporated some of the best technology a pump could ever use…wireless capabilities. The brand new Sicce Xstream-e series pumps have the same look and feel as other prop-based pumps, most notably the Sicce Stream Nano models, but they now incorporate a wireless remote control that allows users to crank up the flow or dial it back without ever having to walk over to the aquarium.

Sicce Xstream-e Mini Controller

The controller does more than just turn the flow up or down, however, as it is also multifunctional. The controller can set the pump to a short 10 second pulse, a longer 30 second pulse, and even longer minute long pulse. Additionally, the pump can be set in a random flow cycle or set to bypass mode for other controller input.

As for the flow rates themselves, the Xstream-e will only be available in one model, but it will have an adjustable rate ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 l/h.

Sicce XStream-e Pump Kit

We fully expect this year and next to see loads of developments for wireless water pumps. We keep hearing rumors (both confirmed and not) of manufacturers dabbling with wireless tech for their pumps, and it seems that we’re edging closer and closer to that reality. EcoTech Marine has obviously been doing it for a while, though it was more as a means for pump to pump communication, and now other brands are starting to climb on board.

Sicce Xstream-e Pump

Sicce Xstream-e

All images courtesy of the Sicce Spa Facebook page.


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