Tip of the Day – 6/16/2014


If you’ve got random dead spots behind the rocks and your powerbeads just can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how many ways they are adjusted, you can try aiming the flow from your return pump with the help of Loc-Line fittings. These fittings piece together at a flexible joint, with pieces locking into place and forming chains as long as could be imagined. These links can be fitted with various nozzles for narrow stream flow or flow that is a little more spread out, making Loc-Line even more adaptable for your particular setup. There is one key thing to remember when creating your Loc-Line plumbing setup. Any time the water flow stops, a siphon will be created that could drain a significant amount of water back into your sump, possibly causing a flood. To remedy this, drill an anti-siphon vent on the underside of the Loc-Line or some other point in the plumbing.


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