Tip of the Day – 6/25/2014


Have you ever sat staring at your aquarium and wondered…are my fish really hungry or would it be a total waste of time to add food to the tank? Well, if you feel like the fish get fed too much or are just unsure of their preference, by paying a little extra attention to their behavior, you can actually condition the fish to let you know when they’re hungry. If you feed a fish every time it comes to a specific spot in the aquarium or exhibits some specific behavior, then it will do that same thing every time it is willing to eat.

Case in point, I’ve got a yellow watchman goby that normally stays in the sand or perched up on a rock. When it is hungry, however, the fish ventures to the middle of the aquarium and actually hovers about halfway up the water column. I drop in a little pellet food and the goby snatches it right up. In other instances, where the fish is still on the bottom for example, it tends not to eat the food at all.


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