Tip of the Day – 6/26/2014


Want a safe and secure way to refill an aquarium during¬†a water change without having to clamp hoses onto your aquarium or stand there all day waiting for the tank to fill? With a little creativity and the right parts, you can create a hanging aquarium fill line that will never fall off your tank,¬†allowing for a complete hands-free tank refill. All you need is a water pump, enough plumbing pieces to make a U-shaped assembly, and some vinyl tubing. The plumbing supplies will need to consist of at least two 90 degree elbows, varying lengths of straight piping, and a nipple fitting that vinyl tubing can be attached to. To make the system even better, a third 90 degree elbow and a Loc-Line fitting could be fitted to the output so that the water won’t disrupt the sand.


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