Tip of the Day – 6/4/2014


If you are concerned about the integrity of your aquarium, there are a few key things to look for that may be good indicators of an impending failure. If the tank is sitting on an unlevel surface, gaps and stress points could develop that might cause a crack. So, look for gaps between the tank and stand, and don’t hesitate to throw a level on the tank to see how far off it may be. Another good indicator is salt creep. If you have salt creep developing out of random spots in the aquarium’s seam, then there may be something more significant developing, like a split seam that gushes water all over your floor. For these, keep an eye out for damage to the silicone or bubbles where two pieces of acrylic are bonded together. If you encounter an issue, it’s best to drain the tank and relocate the inhabitants until the old tank can be repaired or replaced.


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