AquaFX Branching Out from the World of Reverse Osmosis Filtration?


AquaFX Media Reactor

Ahh, the teaser photo. My how we loath and love your existence. You reveal just enough information to get us talking, but not enough to satisfy our curiosities.
AquaFX, a company that specializes in reverse osmosis filtration, is the latest company to employ this strategy, apparently signaling a new direction for their product offering. They are looking to break out of the category in which they’ve focused for so many years to now include other forms of water filtration. According to an image released on the company’s Facebook page, AquaFX will now be producing media reactors for aquarium use.

As with any teaser, there was literally zero textual information associated with the image. Just a picture of a reverse flow (aka bottom up) media reactor that isn’t that dissimilar from other makes and models. The AquaFX version uses a vivid color scheme, with the lid and baseplate sporting the bright yellow and the accent pieces (thumbscrews, inlet/outlet plumbing, and filter plates) colored in blue. A pair of foam pads are located within the tube, which should keep finer media like GFO in place, adding versatility to the reactor.

Pricing, availability, and model information weren’t available at the time of publication, but we’ll see what we can dig up.


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