Esquire’s Top 10 List of “World’s Coolest Aquariums” Fails to Impress on Many Fronts

Esquire 10 Coolest Aquariums

#3 of 10 in Esquire’s 10 of the World’s Coolest Aquariums

The internet is rife with lists. People just love them. Lists featuring the top ten of this or top five of that summarize their points in a very concise, easy to read format that people with short attention spans can actually make it through without getting sidetracked. We can’t say that we dislike lists, in fact we love them just like everyone else, except for those cases where the list isn’t at all researched or just hypes up something normally quite mundane. Recently, we came across a list of “10 of the Word’s Coolest Aquariums” in the UK version of Esquire, and suffice it to say, we were less than impressed with their featured tanks. While we certainly welcome a bit more of the positive spotlight on our hobby, we could easily have thought of ten far better aquariums than those that made the list.

So, to help fix their list, we’ve come up with a few notable tanks that should top Esquire’s compilation…

1. Chingchai’s 1000-gallon DSPS Tank

Chingchai Reef Aquarium

Chingchai’s world famous reef aquarium

2. David Saxby’s massive L-shaped aquarium

David Saxby Reef Tank

David Saxby’s massive L-shaped reef tank

3. Pieter van Sijlekom’s 1,582 gallon, 19.5 foot long curved reef tank

Pieter van Suijlekom's Curved Reef

Pieter van Suijlekom’s Curved Reef

4. Steve Weast’s deep dimension reef tank with the famous “coral canyon”

Steve Weast's Coral Canyon

Steve Weast’s Coral Canyon

5. Paul Brun’s huge sunroom reef aquarium

Paul Brun's Sunroom Reef Tank

Paul Brun’s Sunroom Reef Tank

Each of these tanks is head and shoulder’s above those list on Esquire UK’s list of the world’s coolest aquariums, and this is but a small sampling of amazing aquariums. And we didn’t even touch freshwater tanks.

So, do you like Esquire’s choices or do you have a particular tank in mind that you would have rather seen?


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