Octopus Tries to Rip Regulator Out of Diver’s Mouth


We’ve seen plenty of random encounters between divers and marine life that don’t end well, and this interaction between a diver and a rather aggressive octopus nearly takes that route. In the video above, a diver and his buddy happen across a rather elaborate octopus midden topped with soft corals and decorated with the the shells of its victims. As the two men approach, the eight-armed assailant darts toward one of the divers and makes a move for his SCUBA gear. The video claims the octopus was aiming for the regulator, but in all actuality it was probably just reaching for whatever was closest. In either case, the octopus really does no damage and simply retreats back to its lair all the while expelling a bit of ink.

So what did we think was compelling enough about this video to share? Well, we love cephalopods, so there’s that. But we also wanted to liken the ordeal to the recent altercation that took place between an aquarium collector and a known anti-aquarium activist, who’s underwater tangle resulted in a regulator being removed under water. Yes, we are trying to make light of that overblown situation, which is remarkable similar to the one shown above.


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